Buying A House That Needs Restumping? Everything You Need To Know

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Purchasing a property with timber stumps showing signs of deterioration or damage may seem like an affordable option.

However, failing to properly address foundation issues could lead to much bigger costs down the track.

Here are some important considerations when buying a house that needs restumping.

Get a Professional Foundation Report

When a house is on the market with known or suspected stump problems, it’s imperative to commission an inspection from experts such as DJ Baker and Son.

A qualified foundation specialist will thoroughly investigate the state of your prospective property’s stumps, bearers and floor joists.

Armed with their professional report, you’ll have a full understanding of issues, restoration work required and expected project costs.

Timings and Budgeting

Restumping is a major job that may take 2-6 weeks depending on the scope. Include trades booking times in your property settlement timeline.

Gain a fixed quote from foundation specialists to factor stump replacement expenses into offer pricing negotiations. Unexpected costs can seriously blow budgets.

Increase in Property Value

Done correctly, replacing degraded stumps with a long-lasting solution has significant benefits. Firstly, it removes concerns about structural issues emerging down the track.

More importantly, a reliable engineering certificate showing your home now complies with building standards adds considerable value when reselling.

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What’s Involved in Replacing Your Home’s Timber Stumps

Insurance and Protection

Property buyer’s insurance may not cover future foundation costs if stump defects are evident prior to purchase. Opt for a structural guarantee from specialists like DJ Baker and Son for post-works protection.

Our work comes with a guaranteed extended warranty and ongoing service and support should you have any issues in the future.

Doing Due Diligence

Take your time before making an offer, allow experienced foundation specialists like DJ Baker and Son access to inspect the entire subfloor. Be wary of ‘bargain’ prices that may not fully scope essential works or provide warranties on completed foundations.

The foundation sets the stage for a property’s ongoing integrity and ability to support improvements or renovations in future.

Choose a stump replacement company experienced in all foundation repair processes and obtain the necessary certifications before finalizing your purchase.

With prudent due diligence and the right professional team, you’ll protect both your investment and peace of mind for many years to come.

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