Does Your House Need Re-stumping?

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Your home is where is spend your best time with your family and therefore it is of paramount importance that your home should not only be invitingly and functional by also be safe and secure from every point of view. The strength of your house depends largely on the foundation it rests on. A stronger foundation means a more durable house which can resists the perils of natural forces.

In every part of the world the buildings and houses are constructed keeping in view the climatic and weather conditions that are prevalent in a particular region. The forces of nature can pose problems any time and have the most devastating effect on your house. Various techniques are used in different parts of the world to secure the houses depending on the nature of built of the house.

In most tropical countries the houses are usually raised on the stilts. However countries like Australia where we frequently experience torrential rains with loosening and shifting of soil, the houses are built on stumps. These stumps form the foundation or the base of the house. Stumps can be made from various materials like wood, steel or concrete. Wooden or timber stumps are the most cost effective solution especially for house made up of wood. Concrete stumps are stronger than but not as economical as timber stump. Steel stumps are said to sometimes cause the swaying of house therefore its use is quiet limited.

The stumps should be frequently inspected to ensure their proper health. Continual negligence in that case could lead to a significant damage to your house. The expected life of timber stump varies from 20 to 50 years depending mostly on the quality of timber and condition of the soil. Rotten concrete stumps can cause “trampoline” effect in the center of a room.

If you notice any bent in the stumps or that they have started to decay, it may be the time to rejuvenate your home by replacing the weakened and decayed stumps with new and strong ones. The process of re-stumping the house involves sliding or raising the house from the ground level. This raising of the house is carried out by using industrial jacks or heavy equipment that can support the load of the house. The house can be raised in sections or entirely.

There are many companies that are engaged in providing the re-stumping services. If you are considering re-stumping your house, it is essential to handover the job to a professional and highly experienced house foundation repair company because it is about the health of the most precious place in your life; your home.

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