Foundation Repair Clayton

Feel that your building’s foundation is slowly giving away? If yes, we can help you out!

The foundation of any building gets weaker over time. Stumps that hold up your building will eventually giveaway. So, you need to check them often for repairs.

You’ll recognize a degraded house foundation through the following signs

  • Cracked Walls.
  • Uneven Squeaky Floors.
  • Twisted Door Frames.

And in worst case scenarios, your house may fully collapse

Restumping and Reblocking Clayton

You can’t restumping or reblocking a building on your own. Repairing the foundations of your building requires the eyes and skill of a professional.

And this is something we’ll happily provide to you.

(DJ Baker and Son) is a company that provides professional restumping and reblocking services. We have over 40 years of experience in repairing home foundations.

And we know that our experience will serve you well.

(DJ Baker and Son) is endorsed by Australia’s Architecture. Not only do you get decades of experience, but you also get affordability.

Our company offers

  • 7 Year Guarantee on the Work We Provide.
  • Specialized Trade Staff.
  • $20 Million Public Liability Cover.
  • Free Quotes.

Foundation Repair Clayton

Our services are available in Clayton, and surrounding areas.

To be specific, we

  • Assess stumps to check for damages.
  • Restumping brick veneer and solid brick houses.
  • Reblocking and level weatherboard houses.
  • Replace and rebuild floors (including subfloor timbers).


 House Underpinning Clayton

Get an accurate assessment of your home foundation’s condition. We’ll check your concrete and wood stumps for damages. If any damages are found, we’ll take measures to secure your home stumps.

 Restumping Clayton

The 1st and main job we do to a home. Restumping projects help you avoid home collapses, saving you money and pain.

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