House Restumping Material Options

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When it comes to replacing damaged or old house stumps, there are different options that you can consider and not all will suit everyone. This can be based on where you live and the type of house you own.

The first decision when faced with a house stump replacement project is to choose the type of stumps that will be most suitable for your house. Typically the two options are timber stumps or concrete stumps.

Reblocking With Timber Stumps

One of the main benefits of timber stumps are that they can be the cheaper option. Treated timber can also be more effective in wet conditions when compare to the other alternative, which are concrete stumps.

When it comes to the disadvantages with timber stumps, it is that their life expectancy is really only about 20 years. This is due to the fact that they are a natural material that, like all natural materials, break down over time.

Reblocking With Concrete Stumps

Option two when it comes to house stump replacement is concrete stumps. These are made with the use of steel as well, to provide extra support and often to provide the most secure connection to the house itself.

Generally speaking, concrete stumps will last indefinitely, and on flat blocks will only deteriorate if there is a lot of dampness, which can corrode the metal parts, or if there is a lot of vibration in the ground.

Professional Restumping Advice

The contractor that you use should be able to advise you with which type of stump replacement will best suit your home. Other factors that can influence the decision might be how sloped the block is, the soil under, access and the design of the home and more.

When deciding which stumps to use, the restumping contractor should look at your existing home, the stumps it has and be able to provide confident feedback about the process, how long restumping will take and an agreed cost.

What To Remember

Remember, in time that all houses generally need to be restumped. This can be due to a wide variety of reasons. It is a serious job, so please only speak to qualified restumping companies that can provide the right advice and help protect what is most likely your biggest asset, your home.

In short, we only really build new concrete stumps as they are longer lasting and in almost all cases in Melbourne, provide longer lasting support and stability. We do repair timber stumps for clients that have deteriorating timber stumps, and don’t want to change over to concrete when we are working with them.

If you have concerns about the house stumps underneath your home, contact us for an inspection and quote to repair or replace them.

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