Foundation Repair Beaumaris

Restumping and reblocking any house is an enormous project and could have dangerous consequences. If not handled correctly by experienced professionals, hence the need for our professional services. The following are the foundation repair services we offer in Beaumaris and the surrounding suburbs.

  • Free, no obligation quotations
  • 10-year guarantee on our work at your home
  • 20-million-dollar Public Liability Cover
  • 40 years’ experience of foundation repairs
  • Qualified specialist Trade Staff
  • Weatherboard houses, levelled and re blocked
  • Replacement and rebuilding of Sub Floor Timbers and Floors
  • Brick Veneer and Solid brick houses restumped

House Restumping and Reblocking which is not properly done may degrade or easily subside, leading to continuous cracking of the interior walls, bowed, uneven or ‘soft’ floors, cracking of external brickwork and poor functionality or distortion of doors and windows. Extreme cases may lead to partial or total collapse of the structure.

Beaumaris Restumping and Reblocking

At DJ Baker and Son Pty Ltd., you can be absolutely sure of nothing short of the best. Our team consist of experienced restumping and reblocking specialists who poses the requisite skills . It is necessary to ascertain the conditions of existing concrete or wooden stumps. To carry out inspections and undertake palliative measures to remedy the situation if need the arises, and ultimately preventing further degradation.

We therefore implore you to take advantage of our more than 40 years’ experience in the building industry, our specialized skills in house foundations. A guarantee with financial backing and an endorsement from Architecture. DJ Baker and Son Pty Ltd. Is Beaumaris’s restumping or reblocking specialist of choice.

Restumping and Reblocking Beaumaris

Restumping or reblocking the stumps on a house constitute a necessary pre-requisite for anyone considering major renovations or extensions to a home. Since different houses are built on grounds with different soil conditions and are therefore prone to deterioration in different ways. A failed restumping that is left untreated would likely result in partial or total collapse of the structure and may pose a great deal of danger. Since restumping and reblocking is a difficult job, having it done properly is crucial to the structural integrity of your home.

Foundation Repairs Beaumaris

Does your house have any of the above-mentioned signs of foundation problems, then salvaging the foundation of your home should be of utmost importance to you. Make haste therefore and contact DJ Baker and Son today to experience the most reliable foundation repair services Beaumaris has to offer.

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