Things to Consider Before Restumping A House

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One of the most important projects that you can do for your home is to have it restumped and it requires a great deal of forethought. However, not all company offers genuine restumping services and not all workers are knowledgeable. There are some companies who damaged the homes during the process and homeowners are forced to renovate after replacing the stumps. Here are the things that you can do so that you will not become a victim of an incompetent restumping contractor that can leave your property with damage.

Choosing Stumps

There are wide varieties of stumps available in the market and it is crucial you pick a restumper who will use the best ones. A concrete stump that has strung rod of 10mm thickness and entrapped with sturdy concrete traction pad is considered as one of the best. The entrapped rod allows placing of stump securely on the floor while restraining any movement either downwards or upwards. This offers a confident strengthening for a long time. Ensure that your house reblocker selects this, or very similar, kind of stump for your project.

Selecting your Restumper

When you are looking for a certified restumper to do the job, make sure that you settle for someone who has an excellent track record, knows his job and very reliable. It is also good to know if your restumper has adequate equipment and jacks to prevent damaging your home. Jacks are used to lift structures in multiple places.

Before hiring the service of a restumper, make sure that you discuss with him some important matters to ensure that there will be no disputes later on.

  • Know the space between the stumps.
  • If there is a need to extract floor boards, determine if it is their responsibility to reinstall them and how.
  • Ask for the entire cost of the project and what will be the payment terms.
  • Verify when they will start working and how long would it take to finish the project.

When choosing your restumper, you can compare the various quotes they provided. Take note however that a cheap price is not synonymous to a high quality job. Certainly, you can save money during restumping but you may need to spend more for reframing and plaster-work.

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